Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Nadi FJ911

Fiji Here We Come

SON_9604Sonnyphotosleaving Sydney behind us SON_9610Sonnyphotosand flying into sunriseSON_9612SonnyphotosFiji Inflight magazine new cover ?? SON_9616Sonnyphotosstill dark below the clouds as in, still pre dawn , as in still early , as in we will be sleeping in tomorrow :-) SON_9621Sonnyphotos SON_9635Sonnyphotoslayers SON_9636Sonnyphotos SON_9657Sonnyphotos SON_9695Sonnyphotospacific SON_9696Sonnyphotos SON_9697Sonnyphotos SON_9704Sonnyphotosgetting close SON_9706Sonnyphotos SON_9723Sonnyphotosyou know I love my cloud shotsSON_9734Sonnyphotospretty windy SON_9750Sonnyphotosmust be nearly there SON_9758Sonnyphotosyep, there is Malolo reef with themamanuca islands behind SON_9767Sonnyphotos SON_9772Sonnyphotos SON_9779Sonnyphotoslove this spot SON_9785Sonnyphotoscloud break SON_9786Sonnyphotosand I wonder if anyone has ever tried to surf this spot SON_9794Sonnyphotospicture perfect ( and just spotted the next spot I want to go snorkeling at ) SON_9798Sonnyphotosresort on hold SON_9804Sonnyphotoswould be great passageway to cloud break SON_9808Sonnyphotoscoming in to land SON_9810Sonnyphotoswoauw, never seen waves break at the mouth of the river near Sonaisali SON_9813Sonnyphotos

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