Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney Airport Pre - Dawn

Amazing colours in the sky as we leave Sydney for Fiji on a pre dawn flight

say good bye SON_9522Sonnyphotoslight only just starting to come up SON_9524Sonnyphotoswe had to get up pretty early to get here, and check in SON_9528Sonnyphotosloving these pre dawn colours SON_9533Sonnyphotospeople arriving for a brand new day SON_9540Sonnyphotosand more planes to come SON_9543Sonnyphotosnice, incoming and cbd SON_9547Sonnyphotostake off past Kurnell SON_9550Sonnyphotospre dawn boat harbour SON_9554Sonnyphotoscolours !! SON_9556Sonnyphotosincoming boat SON_9557Sonnyphotoseast coast pre dawn SON_9561Sonnyphotoscity beaches, up to northern beaches and central coast on top SON_9568Sonnyphotos SON_9570SonnyphotosSydney SON_9572Sonnyphotosbrighten up a little SON_9573Sonnyphotosfrom North head to Broken Bay SON_9578Sonnyphotosagain, the colours SON_9584Sonnyphotoshome :-) SON_9587Sonnyphotos SON_9592Sonnyphotosflying into a sunrise :-) SON_9597Sonnyphotos SON_9599Sonnyphotosok, bye for now

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