Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Fashion Presentation @ Westfield CBD

Giuliana Rancic is in town and a Westfield Fashion Ambassador, so a little "do" was set up complete with some of the models we just seen all fashion week dressed up in some of the Fashion available at westfield. And I was there to document it all :-)

Pre-show, having some breakfast with the girls backstage, all hail Sonny's light hehehe ( yes, we had time on our hands )

It's a flash off

who wins

ok, time to get into the outfits

and head downstairs

let's do this 


Elevator ride down

Imagine enter an elevator and these are in front of you, what would you do ( best answer gets an Oreo biscuit )

In the carpark ( the girls will be arriving by car on the red carpet )

hey, here's an idea

Let's do Abbey Rd Car Park shot

timing is everything hey Cat 

let's go

cars are ready

now fast forward an hour or so, presentation done, Giuliana has done her bit, so its all over, and we head back to our little backstage sanctuary

Through the shopping mall :-)

fun times

causing a bit of a scene for all the lunchtime shoppers 

who won the flash off ?

OK, so no photos off Giuliana Rancic, I did not want this post to be about her, but about the models, fashion and fun.

( I'm sure there are plenty of photos of Mrs. Rancic out there already )

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