Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Shooting Jean-Charles DeCastelbajac Rossignol Collection at Daguerre Studios PAris

Just like this time last year, shooting the special collaboration collection Jean Charles De Castlebajac designs for French ski wear brand Rossignol

Some final touch ups _AUS3839RossignolsonnyphotosJCDCBand a snap for Mister's Social media :-) JCDCB_4145Rossignolsonnyphotos:-) JCDCB_4154RossignolsonnyphotosDutch Model Lauren Visser, Mr & Tristan form Paris JCDCB_4213RossignolsonnyphotosLamia making sure jackets sits nice JCDCB_4244Rossignolsonnyphotostell you what though, those overalls look pretty cute JCDCB_4422RossignolsonnyphotosWe love Gifs !!! :-) JCDCB_4638RossignolsonnyphotosSo what's going on here then JCDCB_4649Rossignolsonnyphotosoh no, they put me in a suit JCDCB_4743Rossignolsonnyphotos JCDCB_4833Rossignolsonnyphotospensive, not bored ( just so you know :-) JCDCB_4946Rossignolsonnyphotos:) JCDCB_5019RossignolsonnyphotosLet's paint the box as well I said JCDCB_5083RossignolsonnyphotosAaah, the lovely Diane from drops by to pay me a visit as she knows I'm only in town for 2 days JCDCB_5087Rossignolsonnyphotoslove it JCDCB_5090Rossignolsonnyphotos:-) JCDCB_5133Rossignolsonnyphotosback to work JCDCB_5134Rossignolsonnyphotoshehehe, what's with the look in the eyes on both of them JCDCB_5228Rossignolsonnyphotos JCDCB_5237Rossignolsonnyphotos JCDCB_5274Rossignolsonnyphotosyes, all day we are very serious , no fun ( as if ) JCDCB_5530RossignolsonnyphotosJean-Charles came up with a new idea, white wedding JCDCB_5532Rossignolsonnyphotos:-) JCDCB_5567RossignolsonnyphotosLet's paint the suits JCDCB_5575Rossignolsonnyphotos JCDCB_5603Rossignolsonnyphotos JCDCB_5610Rossignolsonnyphotoslooking good JCDCB_5615Rossignolsonnyphotos JCDCB_5714RossignolsonnyphotosFinal check JCDCB_5777Rossignolsonnyphotosand then time to get married JCDCB_5783Rossignolsonnyphotosby the mayor of Ville de Castelbajac JCDCB_5801Rossignolsonnyphotosnice JCDCB_5810Rossignolsonnyphotosand it's a wrap JCDCB_5813Rossignolsonnyphotosgreat day, great team, thanks Sylvie for taking the photo

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