Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Jean-Charles De Castelbajac paints the backdrop for tomorrow's shoot

Just arrived in Paris and it's straight to the Studio at Studio Daguerre ( right :-) where Jean-Charles is painting the backdrop which we will use for tomorrow's shoot

_AUS3689sonnyphotosloving it _AUS3692sonnyphotos _AUS3698sonnyphotosYeti a-la-Castelbajac _AUS3699sonnyphotos _AUS3702sonnyphotos _AUS3703sonnyphotosPenelope his assistant and Magali from Rossignol _AUS3706sonnyphotosI love that he is so into it ( you have to be right ) _AUS3710sonnyphotos _AUS3717sonnyphotos _AUS3725sonnyphotosthe longer he's taking, the better it's looking, this is going to look great as a backdrop _AUS3728sonnyphotos _AUS3731sonnyphotoshmm, just getting a flash back of an Aboriginal sitting like this doing a traditional dot painting _AUS3740sonnyphotos _AUS3742sonnyphotos _AUS3743sonnyphotosdone _AUS3744sonnyphotosink _AUS3749sonnyphotosA is for Awesome _AUS3751sonnyphotosnow a colour one _AUS3754sonnyphotosbecause I love colour _AUS3760sonnyphotosand he asked what the second one should be, a mountain or some colour _AUS3762sonnyphotoseasy for me to answer _AUS3764sonnyphotoscolour ofcourse _AUS3770sonnyphotos _AUS3776sonnyphotos _AUS3780sonnyphotoslet that dry _AUS3782sonnyphotosJean-charles is right into the whole social media coverage _AUS3785sonnyphotosnow for the final part _AUS3789sonnyphotoslove it _AUS3797sonnyphotos _AUS3800sonnyphotosDreamLand _AUS3803sonnyphotosDone _AUS3811sonnyphotos_AUS3818sonnyphotosSo happy to be a part of this project _AUS3822sonnyphotos:-)

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