Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Hasselt - Stories in the City

Back from Paris, next day I drive to Hasselt, a quaint Belgian city in the East on your way to Germany or the Ardennes. Where I am a part of an art/installation project, curated by Emmanuel Verheyden from Pulp/The List magazines

_AUS4227SonnyphotosDo you think there is room for one more neon sign ? Always oom for one more, just a small one :-) _AUS4229Sonnyphotos15th century baby, awesome _AUS4231SonnyphotosSo what's going on here then, that is one of my photos from Ostwald Helgason's SS14 Show in New York _AUS4234SonnyphotosAn explanation of what is going on here. In a nutshell, it's an artist walk route through the city's shopping district, and at each stop there is some sort of art work on display ( more info here ) _AUS4236Sonnyphotosmap route _AUS4237Sonnyphotos _AUS4240Sonnyphotos _AUS4245SonnyphotosA.F. Vandevorst in Hasslet shop window _AUS4249Sonnyphotosan example of one of the smaller installations _AUS4251SonnyphotosLife in Hasselt _AUS4259SonnyphotosDutch furniture maker _AUS4260SonnyphotosNice piece _AUS4264SonnyphotosIn same furniture shop, a little notice about more work _AUS4266Sonnyphotoswoauw, major _AUS4269Sonnyphotosblown away, that's one of my photos blown up poster size. Quality is astounding, so good, no pixelated funky colours dots going on, just sharp image, at that size, woauw _AUS4272Sonnyphotosto illustrat the size, that is me sitting in front of the wall _AUS4277SonnyphotosAs we go up the stairway, more wall paper with my images _AUS4280Sonnyphotoslike a big collage, cut out to fit around the staircase _AUS4283Sonnyphotoshehehe, love it, need a hand going up the stairs _AUS4285Sonnyphotoswoauw again _AUS4293Sonnyphotosso big, so sharp, so good _AUS4296Sonnyphotosimmaculate detail The future of interior design ? My prints blown up to cover your wall. Hmmmm, all those cloud photos I have _AUS4303Sonnyphotos _AUS4312Sonnyphotoslife size :-) _AUS4318Sonnyphotosone last look, just loving it _AUS4322Sonnyphotos _AUS4327SonnyphotosAt another location, these amazing lights from Tim Van Steenbergen _AUS4341Sonnyphotosaweosme _AUS4382Sonnyphotosand love the vine covered wall outside _AUS4387SonnyphotosTim Van Steenbergen _AUS4407Sonnyphotosthen at the last shop for the day, a cookie cutter type stamp But seriously, what is wrong with this photo :-)

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