Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Hasselt - Stories in the City

Back from Paris, next day I drive to Hasselt, a quaint Belgian city in the East on your way to Germany or the Ardennes. Where I am a part of an art/installation project, curated by Emmanuel Verheyden from Pulp/The List magazines

Do you think there is room for one more neon sign ? Always oom for one more, just a small one :-)

15th century baby, awesome

So what's going on here then, that is one of my photos from Ostwald Helgason's SS14 Show in New York

An explanation of what is going on here. In a nutshell, it's an artist walk route through the city's shopping district, and at each stop there is some sort of art work on display
( more info here )

map route

A.F. Vandevorst in Hasslet shop window

an example of one of the smaller installations

Life in Hasselt

Dutch furniture maker

Nice piece

In same furniture shop, a little notice about more work

woauw, major

blown away, that's one of my photos blown up poster size. Quality is astounding, so good, no pixelated funky colours dots going on, just sharp image, at that size, woauw  

to illustrat the size, that is me sitting in front of the wall

As we go up the stairway, more wall paper with my images

like a big collage, cut out to fit around the staircase

hehehe, love it, need a hand going up the stairs 

woauw again

so big, so sharp, so good

immaculate detail
The future of interior design ? My prints blown up to cover your wall. Hmmmm, all those cloud photos I have

life size :-)

one last look, just loving it

At another location, these amazing lights from Tim Van Steenbergen


and love the vine covered wall outside

Tim Van Steenbergen

then at the last shop for the day, a cookie cutter type stamp
But seriously, what is wrong with this photo :-)

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