Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


After all day grey in the sky, I wake up to clouds lit up by rising sun

First day day back in Europe, up early today & will be driving to Paris shortly for tomorrow's shoot.

was not expecting to see these colours when I woke up _AUS3674sonnyphotospretty sure the rest of the day will be grey ( n.b. it was, and rained all day ) _AUS3681sonnyphotosPumpkins in the front yard that Sabine planted ( they are pretty big, that black thing is a cover on a plastic bucket to give y9ou an idea of size ) _AUS3684sonnyphotosI know where that plane's going _AUS3685sonnyphotospretty much live under the arrivals flight path, another 5-10 km and turns banks right to land at Brussels airport. The amount of times these past years I have done that :-)

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