Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


New York > London

Late night departure, so about 5 hours later and open shade and super bright, somewhere to the west of England over the Atlantic Ocean

_NYC0235sonnyphotos _NYC0237sonnyphotosnot too exciting the clouds here _NYC0243sonnyphotosnever ceases to amaze me, monster engines _NYC0245sonnyphotos _NYC0247sonnyphotos _NYC0252sonnyphotosa bit un eventful this trip _NYC0254sonnyphotoslittle colour coming in now _NYC0260sonnyphotosthat's nicer _NYC0263sonnyphotosyep, this one could get ptinted _NYC0264sonnyphotos _NYC0271sonnyphotosturning _NYC0282sonnyphotos _NYC0284sonnyphotos _NYC0286sonnyphotos _NYC0288sonnyphotosslowly descending _NYC0289sonnyphotos _NYC0295sonnyphotos _NYC0296sonnyphotos _NYC0298sonnyphotos _NYC0299sonnyphotos

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