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Hilda's Barn/ Art Space & Exhibition ( and private restaurant )

After Stockholm and before New York, I have few days "off"  

And I have been see-ing the progress of Wim & Hilda's Barn, from the previous farmers dump site, to now a beautiful space, great job Wim & Hilda

Belgian summer time

looking through the barn from courtyard through to orchard

Charlotte & Hilda's art 

apartment block for birds, social bird living

more of Hilda's work in the old chicken coop

One of Hilda's popular projects, the good mood lighting

lovely ambiance

Hilda not a fan of having her photo taken, so I snuck this one in, and look at that awesome polished cement floor

the entertaining space with Charlotte's work on the wall

lovely space

and for special guest like me today, it will become a private restaurant

with lounge area

Charlotte and Hilda's installations

Just outside the barn, material for next art projects perhaps


another one of Hilda's fantastic projects. I had so many copies of magazines I had done work for, but after a while it became too many magazines, especially when I had quadruple copies, so I gave them to Hilda, and just look at what she did with them. Cut pieces out of the magazines, to make a totally different cover and tell a different story


Body issue :-)

Happy Together
row row row your boat ...


Angels and Demons

see, that's what Belgium winters do to you, you get creative :-)

outside the barn there are two more renovated rooms

Charlotte's art

Hilda's Art

hmmm, love that table

It reads, and this is for Jacqui " I had should have drank champagne more often " :-)

nice location n'est pas

and the pile of wood is already ready for the next winter.

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