Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Before I bombard you with fashion pics, an afternoon bike ride in New York

view from my room, such a nice day, time for a bike ride NYN_0385SonnyPhotosremind you of any album covers, pretty good album too NYN_0387SonnyPhotosnew world trade center, still freaks me out the proximity of Tribeca Grand Hotel to ground zero. NYN_0389SonnyPhotosBattery Park on the river, nice to see a variety of sunflowers  NYN_0391SonnyPhotosfeet up, sitting in the sun NYN_0395SonnyPhotosnice clouds NYN_0396SonnyPhotos NYN_0400SonnyPhotosbeautiful light bouncing of the buildings NYN_0401SonnyPhotosnice to have some nature, and nice to see so many new yorkers out enjoying it, plus being active, jogging bike riding playing sports in the park NYN_0404SonnyPhotosnew world trade center NYN_0408SonnyPhotossunset NYN_0412SonnyPhotos NYN_0413SonnyPhotos NYN_0415SonnyPhotosok, for those noon nature lovers, don't worry, tomorrow fashion week starts and you will get more than your fair dose of fashion pics :-)

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